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The Rise of South Korean Car Design - Kia

South Korean car designers, such as Kia who produces the Kia Rio, have gained more prominence over the last ten years as the design and functionality of their vehicles have impressed motorists around the world; many of these motorists are in Europe and the number of motorists driving a Kia Rio has gone up massively in recent years. South Korean car designers are regarded as some of the best in the world and have really displayed to other car manufacturers how to cater for the varying needs of motorists and the changing demands of the day. The less than desirable economic situation felt in many countries around the world have changed what people are looking for in a car and placed far more emphasis upon value for money and improved fuel economy; many taxi firms have started to replace their existing fleet of vehicles with other cars, such as the Kia Rio, that offer similar performance but last much longer when it comes to fuel economy

Is a Kia right for you?

In order to judge whether a vehicle is right for you, examine the demands of your life and consider exactly what you need a vehicle to do. Make a list of all the necessary things that a car must have; maybe 4x4 motoring is important to you, or maybe you need a vehicle that is big enough for the whole family. Once you are sure of the exact elements that a car needs to have you will be able to sit down and go through a list of potential manufacturers and models of vehicle that may be suitable for you; you can then judge them against your criteria and see if they could meet your needs. Of course, picking a new car isn’t all about the specification of a vehicle; you also need to feel drawn to the car and find it attractive. Many sales reps and others in similar occupations spend a large amount of their day in their car; due to this you need to be comfortable with the interior and driving position.

Taking the next step

The next step towards changing your vehicle is to speak to a local dealership to get details of any offers that they may be currently running. If you are intending on trading in your existing motor then it would be a good idea to check one of the online valuation guides where you will be able to get a detailed estimate of how much exactly your current car is worth. When trading in a vehicle you generally get less money than you would do if you were to sell it privately; this is because the dealership will also be selling your vehicle on and will need to be able to make a profit also. It is worth doing a few insurance quotes for any vehicle you are considering purchasing so you are not unpleasantly surprised by the cost.

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The New Kia Rio for lowering YOUR Motoring Costs

Increasing prices of fuel and rises in tax and insurance have become too much to handle for many motorists; increasing numbers of people are choosing to leave their vehicles at home and use alternative methods of transportation such as riding a bike or walking to work. Unfortunately, being vehicle-free is not a possibility for the many people who need their vehicles in order to commute to and from work and earn a living. Some motorists feel they are only working to fund their motoring costs at times and this can be very frustrating. People who carefully choose a vehicle that offers good fuel economy, such as a Kia Rio, are remaining largely unaffected by the rise in fuel costs over the last few years. The Kia Rio is manufactured by the KIA Motor Company which is based in Seoul, and they strive to offer vehicle solutions to many of the motoring problems that affect drivers every day.

Style does not have to be expensive

Just as retail shops take inspiration for their designs from designer showcases, so do lower-end manufacturers take inspiration for the vehicles that are produced by some of the finest designers in the world. Most modern vehicles, including the Kia Rio, come with a design twist all of their own and many also incorporate styles seen on higher-priced vehicles when they are unveiled at the various motor shows that are held around the world. You do not have to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds in order to own a beautiful car; modern cars in general are almost unrecognisable from how they were even just twenty years ago. In the motoring industry the pace is always moving forward and there is always some new design element that comes into fashion; this is also picked upon by more moderately priced manufacturers who then do their own take on the trend.

Other ways to save money

Further money can be knocked off the price of your annual motoring costs if you take time to examine your habits and judge where money could be saved. Insurance is one of the most expensive aspects of motoring, but if you are a careful driver and do not incur any points, you should find that the cost of your annual insurance bill decreases each year. If this is not the case then you are advised to use one of the many comparison websites that are available in order to get the lowest price possible and potentially save you money. Cars that have a smaller engine size generally seem to cost less money to run over the course of a year; changing your vehicle for one that is slightly smaller should help to shave money off your motoring costs. You can also save money by keeping a careful eye on the way you drive once you are in the vehicle; harsh breaking and unnecessary gear changing can decrease your fuel efficiency; you should also ensure you car is free from junk as it can cost more money to transport around heavy items that you do not need.
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The History of Kia

The recent economic pressure felt in various countries around the world have had an unexpected effect on the motoring industry as a whole; not only have car sales decreased in recent years, but there has also been a shift in power felt between some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. Kia is a manufacturer that has their headquarters based in Seoul; Kia was founded in 1944 and initially was involved in the design and manufacture of bicycles. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that their emphasis started to shift and they began the production of motor cars. Kia is the second-largest car manufacturer in South Korea, with the largest being Hyundai. Over the last ten years Kia has managed to gain more prominence in Europe and America making it a name to be reckoned with in the motor industry.

A recognisable name

One of the main aspects that this manufacturer focuses on is the design element of car production. The surge in sales over the last ten years can be attributed to the careful marketing and sales techniques that have enabled them to increase prominence and become a household name in the motor industry. The company is famous for producing a range of vehicles that cover a range of different styles of vehicle, but also offer exceptional value for money with Kia being one of the cheapest cars to purchase. It could be thought that a low price tag must equate to a poor quality vehicle but this company has shown how it is possible to break into new markets and entice new customers to purchase from you. There are many different types of vehicle produced which include hatchbacks, saloons, 4x4, and family cars; these vehicles can be purchased in a number of dealerships that are situated around the country. Many dealerships offer test drives so you can see the performance and handling of the vehicle for yourself.
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A diverse range of products

One of the surprising things about this car manufacturer is the fast pace with which they conduct business and keep on top of the latest aspects of car design. Hybrid vehicles have been produced by a small number of car manufacturers in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and help to decrease the detrimental effect that motoring has on the environment; Kia is actually one of the few manufacturers that have risen to the challenge and designed a hybrid range of their own. They also have many other strings to their bow that you may not have even realised; they are the main designers and manufacturers of vehicles used by the South Korean military. Military vehicles are extremely important as they are needed to help maintain peace and diffuse a number of difficult war-time situations. There have been seven different types of military vehicle produced for the South Korean military with more to come in the future; these vehicles are heavy duty and use the latest technology available.

The Kia Rio

Encompassing the very latest design and technology that South Korean car manufacturers have to offer, the Kia Rio is one of the most popular vehicles manufactured by the Kia motor company. Kia first produced the Kia Rio in 2000 and it came in a standard saloon model as well as in a hatchback version. Both types proved very popular with audiences all over the world, but particularly in the USA and Europe. The reasonable purchase price that cars in this range start at make it an attractive option for first-time drivers; drivers that need an affordable family car are also attracted to it due to the value for money that this vehicle offers. The vehicle has been updated several times over the years to show off a sleeker design and improvements to the body shape and construction of the vehicle; vehicles often have their shape updated every few years to keep them at the forefront of design and to distinguish them from other car manufacturers.
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Excellent fuel economy

One of the most praised aspects of the Kia Rio is the exceptional fuel economy that it can achieve; many people are switching down from larger cars to Kia vehicles, in order to take advantage of the savings that can be made. Fuel prices are notoriously expensive and look set to rise further; add in to the added cost of tax and insurance and you can soon see why so many people are using their vehicles less often these days. Changing to a vehicle of this type will help shave hundreds, even thousands of pounds from your annual motoring bill; it is a great choice for families that want a stylish new vehicle but also want to enjoy decreased running costs as well. Many people are turning to other modes of transport in order to ease the cost of their fuel bill; in a Kia Rio you will be able to keep your existing motoring habit and enjoy the savings.

Finding out more

Exact kia rio specifications of all the vehicles that are manufactured by this motor company can be found by requesting a brochure or searching online for further information. There will be different varieties of fuel and engine size available and there will be a series of optional extras that can be added to the purchase, such as air conditioning and leather interior. Due to their admirable fuel economy many people opt to buy one of these cars because they know that if they ever choose to sell the vehicle in the future it should attract a buyer straight away; many people are changing their current vehicle for one that offers better fuel economy and lower motoring costs. There are authorised dealerships around the country that will be able to give you further information regarding the many reasons to consider one of these vehicles; they will also be able to advise you on any special, offers that are currently available that may help to convince you that this is the vehicle for you. the telegraph.
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